Added - June 2016

A revised Bye Law has been issued by the board of TTW as set out below


"Matches controlled by qualified officials shall be subject to the following point penalty system for dealing with misbehaviour. A player who is formally warned or penalised by a qualified umpire or referee by yellow card for misbehaviour will incur 1 penalty point on each occasion (a disqualification will incur 2 penalty points). Such point(s) shall be recorded by the TTW Head of Umpires. If the player receives 4 penalty points in any 12 month period then he/she will normally be warned that on receiving a further penalty point he/she will be suspended automatically from any form of competitive table tennis for 30 days from the date of incurring the 5th point and will be duly suspended from that date. An inadvertent failure to provide the advance warning however will not prevent suspension. If the player incurs 3 further penalty points in any 12 month period directly following any suspension then a further 30 day suspension will immediately apply. Should a player receive 2 suspensions in two consecutive 12 month periods or in the case of playing whilst under suspension then he/she will be regarded as bringing the sport into disrepute and the matter will be referred to a TTW disciplinary committee which shall have power to deal with the matter as it sees fit”

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Updated 2.2.2018