Disability Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a completely inclusive sport and nearly everyone can participate in its full format or when adapted. 


A Paralympic sport, Wales is proud to have achieved medals at the London Games and now wants to build on this success and create a future generation of Paralympic stars. The goal is to attract as many disabled players from across Wales to experience the sport through clubs, leagues and events and to further develop the opportunities for disabled players.


Table Tennis doesn’t just offer people the chance to develop their fitness and coordination, but also to build social skills, confidence, self-esteem and independence.


Table Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of ability. To ensure fair opportunity and best practice, Table Tennis Wales strives to understand the needs of various disabilities that may affect some individuals who wish to enter the game. We we are committed to developing a grassroots structure that provides beginner opportunities for players with a disability. TTW works closely with Disability Sport Wales- please see the details of the "Insport" programme on the sub-page opposite and the link to thir own website for details of their own work and the opportunities provided -http://www.disability-sport-wales.org/index.html


Wales is blessed with some outstanding players with disabilities. Have a look at the profile links below.

Paul Davis - http://www.disabilitysportwales.org/academy/1020/1264/2261

Paul Karabardak -  http://www.disabilitysportwales.org/academy/1020/1264/2264

Rob Davis -  http://www.disabilitysportwales.org/academy/1020/1264/2262 



BTTF Coach - Neil Robinson

Neil - Paralympian

Rio 2016 Athletes

Paul Davies
Rob Davies
Paul Karabardak
Sara Head